Female Empowerment

We encourage women to go their very own way. It is therefore a matter close to our hearts to support female start-up teams together with FemVisible. The FemVisible initiative offers young female entrepreneurs a stage to make their innovative ideas visible.

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PFI Eco-Label


Values, conduct and nature are the focus at Paul Green. No one is perfect, but everyone can do their part to make our world a little bit better each day. Paul Green's mission is to integrate sustainability into our collections, our thinking, and our everyday actions - with ease, joy, and aesthetics.


Committed to Green Values

Treating nature and our environment with respect have been important to the company since our founding in 1988. The Pirmasens Testing and Research Institute (PFI) has now honored us for our social and ecological activities. Green isn’t just in our name - now, an independent review has confirmed that our business practices are green as well.

The shoe industry's leading, independent testing institution (PFI) reviewed Paul Green to assess our compliance with sustainability criteria such as the materials we use, our suppliers, chemical and disposal management, and our adherence to environmental standards. Social aspects, such as occupational safety and the fulfillment of social standards, were also evaluated before the certification mark was awarded.

It is with pride and joy that we announce we have not only fulfilled all of the criteria, but exceeded them. We are now the first shoe brand in the world to receive the PFI's Eco-Label.

100 % made in Europe


Paul Green produces 100% of its products in Europe – from the sole to the shank! We manufacture shoes at our company headquarters in Austria, and at our production sites in Croatia and Bosnia. Short purchasing and transportation pathways save resources and improve our CO2 footprint.

Fair working conditions and satisfied employees ensure we can deliver a high-quality product, manufactured with passion and attention to detail.


We rely on fine craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation in our production, so that we can guarantee excellent fit and comfort.

Paul-Green Bild
Paul-Green Bild
Paul-Green Bild



Leather has been part of the Paul Green DNA since the company was founded in 1988. We believe that no other raw material can guarantee an equally high-quality final product. Want to know why? Experience it for yourself – with every step you take. This natural material, which is produced as a byproduct of meat production, is highly adaptable and breathable. Nothing feels more supple on your foot than leather. It is a material optimally suited to manufacture high-quality shoes, and the right choice to ensure long-term satisfaction with our footwear. We believe that quality and durability are the key to sustainability. To fulfill our mission to make our production environmentally friendly and reduce resource usage, we purchase the majority of our leather from tanneries certified according to the standards of the Leather Working Group (LWG).



The Leather Working Group (LWG) is the world’s largest leather sustainability program, with over 1000 members. The mission of this association of suppliers, manufacturers and dealers of leather and leather products is to evaluate the environmental friendliness of leather manufacturing companies. Leather suppliers who fulfill the LWG's standards for the chemicals, water and power consumed during tanning receive the certification.

shoe box

Green Packaging

Our new shoe box is green inside and out!

To make our packaging even more sustainable, we rely on a regional production and a careful selection of our chosen materials. Only FSC papers are used for our Paul Green cardboard. This means that the packaging, including the cellophane coating, is 100% recyclable.

Paul Green stands for quality and sustainability - this should also apply to our shoe box! Therefore, we have given our "new" shoe box an upgrade in terms of stability. Thus, it offers better protection for our shoes and is still applicable in many ways regardless of its original function: For example, as gift packaging as well as for the storage of clothing, accessories or food.

headquarters at lake mattsee

Green Headquarters
Paul Green Firmenzentrale

Green roof

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Green roof

Already during the construction of the company building in 2008, a sustainable design was important to Paul Green! Therefore, it was clear from the beginning - it should be a "green" house.

Our green roof is characterized by high resource efficiency and is perfect as a habitat for wild bees and other insects. This way we can make a small contribution to the development of biodiversity.

Photovoltaic system

In addition, we improve our ecological footprint by relying on renewable energies. We do not leave the roof area of our company unused: Thanks to a photovoltaic system, our company is able to supply itself to a large extent. This type of sustainable energy generation is another step for us to save CO2 emissions.


E charging point

Paul Green visitors and employees are welcome to charge their electric vehicles at the charging stations on the company parking lot at our headquarters.

Paul-Green Bild
Paul-Green Bild