About us

At Paul Green, we believe that what is good for our environment is good for our customers too.  It is only when our customers and the environment both have what they need that all of us can thrive.

This is our mission and the goal we work toward each day. 


Do good and be nice to people

At Paul Green, we don’t just go to work every day to make fashionable women’s shoes. We focus on what is truly important.


My shoe. My way.

We know the world out there is complex and dynamic – especially for women. There are plenty of hurdles to overcome, and big dreams too. Decisions to be made, and opportunities to be taken. 

Every woman is different, expressing a unique vision of femininity through her actions, her attitude, and her look.
Shoes are an important part of that vision. They help us find our footing. Our stance in the world. The way we walk through life. They keep us grounded.

They give us the power to complete an outfit, or to tell an all-new story. Paul Green shoes are made to tell your story, your way. Not just to be worn – but to take you further.


Holistic thinking

Together with our customers, we can build a circular system on our sustainable DNA. Our commitment to social responsibility and our passion for durable products motivate us to act sustainably.

We think on a regional basis, building a circular system around our shoes through multiple small steps. We think about sustainability comprehensively, as an ongoing journey.

We pay attention to who makes our shoes, and where they are made. We focus on selecting individual components, and how they come together. How our shoes get to the shelf. How they look when they're new and worn in. We think about the footprint they leave behind. We consider this a question of respect – for our environment, and for our customers.

We know that shoes are not inherently sustainable. However, we also know that sustainability needs to be addressed beyond the everyday understanding within our industry. Sustainability is about small details that can add up to a big impact.

Because of this, we pay attention to what happens after our shoes leave our factory. Our goal is to gradually become even more sustainable, creating a symbiosis between our shoes and our environment. We focus not only on production, but on our wider worldview – and how we can share it with conviction.

Buying Paul Green shoes means buying a stance on the world.
Our shoes tell a story about respect, and about femininity.

Learn more about sustainability at Paul Green.


Company facts

Paul Green is located in Mattsee near Salzburg. Our shoes are produced exclusively in Europe by qualified, local skilled professionals. Paul Green GmbH currently employs 500 employees in Mattsee, Austria and Prelog, Croatia. In addition, about 1,500 people work with Paul Green production partners.
Our shoes are available in the USA, Japan, and Australia. As a premium product, Paul Green women’s shoes stand out for their unique fit and artisanship.



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