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Paul Green

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Stylish with
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Stylish with Paulina

Paulina has an eye for what really matters: shoes!
Ballerinas in every color and creation,
sneakers from Dad Ugly to white, sandals with a summer feeling
and sexy high-heels promising perfect comfort.
There’s a huge choice of spring/summer models!
Paulina shows you the latest trends, and the best way to combine them!

Paul Green –
The Shoes of my life

From the office to the opera. From walking the dog to going on a date. From family to shopping to friends. With the right shoe you can turn any to-do into an opportunity!


Paul Green is there for women at every stage of life. Here at Paul Green we’ve been striving for one thing and one thing only since 1988: Combining the right look with exceptional comfort. Elegance and sportiness are in our DNA. At Paul Green we want women to look good and feel great on their feet and aim to capture their hearts with our versatile range.  


We’re committed to the highest quality which is why all of our shoes are made in Europe. Only in this way can we guarantee that our shoes accentuate the personality, beauty and radiance of our female customers and boost their pride and self-worth.


 Our fashion formula is simple: We make shoes that last a lifetime, not just for the occasion. It’s fun to buy our shoes. What’s even more fun though is wearing them, owning them and showing them off. Day after day after day.

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