Do you have questions regarding the manufacturing, purchasing, and materials involved in Paul Green shoes? We have put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers for you here.

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Paul Green shoes are available from select retailers. You can use our retailer search to find Paul Green retailers near you.

You can order Paul Green shoes from the Paul Green Online Shop (www.paulgreen-shop.de) and from other retailers.

Pricing information on Paul Green shoes is available from the Paul Green Online Shop or from a specialty retailer near you.

Shipping & Returns

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact our contractual partner Schuhe Lüke GmbH directly. Contact information is available at: https://www.paulgreen-shop.de/en/service/contact.aspx

If you would like to submit a complaint regarding your Paul Green shoes, please contact the specialty retailer from which you purchased the shoes. Your retailer will be happy to process the complaint for you.


Paul Green shoes are available in sizes 3 to 9. We produce our shoes in half sizes as well, to ensure an optimal fit. Some of our models are available in extra-large or extra-small sizes. Some Paul Green boots with adjustable shafts are available in two different shaft widths: S/M and M/L. For more information on our shoe sizes, please see the following size guide. 

Paul Green offers shoes with a removable insole for people who wear orthopedic insoles. The antimicrobial and anti-allergenic insole included with these designs can be removed, and replaced with a custom insole. Read more.

All Paul Green shoes that do not have a removable insole have an orthopedically designed insole created for that shoe’s specific last. Selected designs have both.Our insole is the heart of the shoe and contains  an integrated steel spring to guarantee stability and comfort. It supports the foot, ensuring outstanding comfort all day long. It also provides a soft tread in the forefoot area.

Paul Green shoes in a RELAXED WIDTH have more volume and width in the toe and ball of the foot, offering a perfect fit for wider feet. 

SUPER SOFT shoes by Paul Green are unique because they are made from extremely soft, flexible materials and have a specially developed soft heel. This makes them particularly comfortable and pleasant to wear. 

Production & Sustainability

Paul Green shoes are 100% Made in Europe! As a European manufacturer, we think and act on a regional basis. We have production sites in Austria and Croatia, with contract manufacturers in Bosnia, Serbia, and Albania. We have specifically chosen not to produce our shoes in low-wage countries, but to instead build a supply chain that protects the environment and reduces our consumption of resources.

Learn more about sustainability at Paul Green.

As a European manufacturer, collaborating with European suppliers is important to us. Currently, over 80% of our leather comes from Europe, with the majority originating in Italy. 20% comes from third countries, although we categorically exclude critical markets such as Bangladesh. More about our materials.

100% of our merino wool comes from certified Portuguese non-mulesing operations. The wool we process is shorn, undyed, and natural.

PFI stands for Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens (PFI – the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens), which is the leading independent testing institution for the shoe industry. The institute tests the chemical, physical, biotechnological, and microbiological properties of the materials we use. Likewise, it assesses suppliers, chemical and waste management and compliance with environmental policies based on defined sustainability criteria. Social aspects, such as occupational safety and the fulfillment of social standards, are also evaluated before the certification mark is awarded.


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