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The Company


Paul Green shoes have elegance and sportiness written in their DNA. There’s a bit of this DNA in every single shoe and throughout our entire collection. Our shoe last have been developed and shaped over decades by our very own shoe last makers. These uniquely shaped Paul Green shoe last are the secret behind the perfect fit we achieve with our shoes. 

We work with passion to create great-fitting shoes that ooze perfection, quality and style. And we value the exquisite natural materials and craftsmanship that goes into making them. The result is a unique feeling: the “Paul Green effect”.   


The name Paul Green stands for superior quality women's shoes manufactured in Europe with passion and skilled craftsmanship. We make shoes that last a lifetime, not just for the occasion. It’s fun to buy our shoes. What’s even more fun though is wearing them, owning them and showing them off.

Day after day after day. 


Paul Green’s super soft style

Unique shoes for unique women - always. Paul Green is known for making shoes by hand, spoiling women with their outstanding wearability. With the Paul Green Soft design, we’re going one step further.


Paul Green Soft means that, due to the use of very soft, flexible materials, the perfect fit is combined with fantastic comfort. The excellent workmanship and the specially developed, soft heel make the shoes especially comfortable.

This combination makes them a pleasure to wear and makes women’s hearts beat faster. Every step in the supple leather is a delight!


The premium Paul Green Soft styles impress with two key selling points: Unbelievably comfortable to wear, making every step a pleasure. A confidently stylish, classic accessory, which goes perfectly with every wardrobe.


You will enjoy every moment with your Paul Green Soft shoes!



A respectful treatment of nature and our environment has been important to us since our foundation in 1988. Values, actions and preservation are the focus at Paul Green. So our mission is to integrate sustainability into our collections, our thinking, and our everyday actions — with ease, joy and aesthetics.


We have now had this ambition for our social and ecological behavior officially confirmed by the Pirmasens Testing and Research Institute (PFI). The leading independent testing institute in the footwear industry has audited Paul Green with regard to sustainability criteria such as the materials used, suppliers, chemicals and waste disposal management, as well as compliance with environmental standards. Social aspects, such as occupational safety and compliance with social standards, are also examined before the test mark is awarded.


We are proud to announce that we not only meet but exceed these criteria and are now the first footwear brand to receive the PFI's Eco label. So not only are we called Green, but we are now officially so.




Paul Green now also offers women who prefer somewhat wider shoes models with greater volume. The RELAX WIDTH by Paul Green heralds more width in the toe and ball area, and so greater freedom for your feet.


Furthermore, almost all the RELAX WIDTH models come with an integrated interchangeable footbed. So anyone who wears orthopedic inlays can simply replace the interchangeable footbed with their own orthopedic insert.

The use of leather guarantees perfect shoe width, because leather is flexible, and fits itself to the foot as it is worn. The RELAX WIDTH therefore promises a perfect fit too!


The best thing about the RELAX WIDTH models is that they combine added width with fashionable styles, and proven Paul Green quality. The only thing that remains for us to say is: enjoy wearing them! 



The Paul Green Effect

We make shoes with a passion that shows in their perfection, quality, style and fit. The result: Unique, uplifting comfort - the “Paul Green Effect”.

Regional Production

We value long-term partnerships and 100% of our regional production takes place in Europe. We produce our Paul Green shoes in our company headquarters in Austria with short pathways and fair working conditions!

The shoes of my life

We do what we are best at: making shoes. The best shoes. Only shoes. Nothing else.

We make shoes for life, not for the moment. It’s a pleasure to buy our shoes. Even more of a pleasure is it to wear them, to own them and to show them off. Every day, again and again.