Paul Green


All different looks have one thing in common:
a unique fit, outstanding workmanship and the unmistakable Paul Green style.



2020 was an unpredictable and turbulent year for all of us. No wonder that everyone is looking to bring back peace, safety, and above all stability to our lives in 2021.


This desire is reflected in the fashion landscape for 2021 as well. A new trend towards natural styles is dominating the world of fashion – along with a focus on what's most important. Short-lived trends and splashy colors are out. Muted colors and high-quality materials are taking center stage. Comfort, and light and easy styles set the tone. In short: We all want to feel comfortable and safe in our “second skins!” The new collection from Paul Green is created to reflect this desire.


It focuses on models that “caress” the foot, with buttery-soft materials and outstanding comfort.

The collection is in step with the latest trends, while being designed for long-lasting wear.

Overview of the latest trends:





The color pallet for FS2021 spring fashion will be much calmer and less vibrant than in past years.

It is primarily composed of colors like beige, different shades of blue and brown, and clear white.

All of these match perfectly with a variety of everyday looks.

Olive green and gold add new accents.




Artisanally crafted products are more popular than ever before. It’s no wonder that so many models in the

Paul Green collection use beautifully woven materials.

These also underscore the quality of the shoes, and elevate any outfit.




Flat heels underscore this new focus on natural lifestyles. Since the focus is on comfort and 24/7 wear, high heels are the exception rather than the rule. Loafers, sneakers and sandals with flat heels are clearly the priority. For women looking for higher styles, platform sandals or wedge heels are a popular choice.


RELAXED WIDTH – Extra space for your feet!


Designed for any woman who prefers to wear her shoes a little looser, or who uses orthopedic insoles.

RELAXED WIDTH Paul Green women's shoes are super comfortable. They offer feet more space, with the same perfect fit. Many of our RELAXED WIDTH models have a removable footbed,

making them a great choice for women who wear orthopedic insoles.

Not to mention how stylish our RELAXED WIDTH options are!



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