Paul Green


All different looks have one thing in common:
a unique fit, outstanding workmanship and the unmistakable Paul Green style.



We love summer! Warm temperatures are finally back again, and it's finally time to bring all your beautiful shoes back out of the closet for those hot days, from sandals to sneakers, ballerinas, slippers, strappy shoes, Pauls and mules.


What summer trend highlights is Paul Green focusing on this year? Paul Green is going all in on color – we are especially excited about ORANGE and YELLOW – on every shoe type! These strong colors always make an impact and dolls up any outfit in a flash.


Sneakers are also a major trend. From casual chic to bright and colorful, or all clean in different bright white tones. Sneakers go with just about anything, and are a key part of the shoe fashion landscape. If you think sneakers are boring, think again! They are available in countless varieties, colors and designs – each and every one unique.


Last but not least, PAUL GREEN PURE models are ready to refresh the collection! PAUL GREEN PURE sneakers are one of the latest trends. Gorgeous, sleek, and stripped down to the essentials.





Shoes not only need to look great, they have to feel great too. Ideally, you shouldn’t even notice that you are wearing them.


Our SUPER SOFT models give you that true “barefoot feel.” That’s why we’ve expanded our SUPER SOFT collection – like the name says, it simply offers SUPER SOFT finishing. We only use the highest-quality, softest materials inside and out, such as soft calfskin or cotton for excellent foot comfort. Specially developed soft heel caps mold to your foot, while light, flexible soles make walking a breeze.


All of these features create a combination for perfect comfort, all day long.


Our spring and summer collection offers eye-catching, detailed sneakers, Pauls great for building cute outfits, colorful sandals, timeless slippers, and even exciting pumps in SUPER SOFT options.




Do you prefer to wear your shoes a little looser, or wear orthopedic inserts? RELAXED is the answer. RELAXED WIDTH Paul Green women's shoes are super comfortable. They offer your feet more space, with the same great fit. Our RELAXED WIDTH models are the perfect choice for women who wear orthopedic inserts and have an exchangeable footbed.


Not to mention how stylish our RELAXED WIDTH options are! The RELAXED WIDTH collection includes trendy shoes for wearing with orthopedic inserts, or for women who just prefer a little “more space” in their shoes. Simply leave the exchangeable footbed in the shoe if you don't need to add your own insert. RELAXED WIDTH – Extra space for your feet!



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