Paul Green


All different looks have one thing in common:
a unique fit, outstanding workmanship and the unmistakable Paul Green style.

Summer’s back at last!


Our new spring/summer models bring the ‘feel of sunshine’ to your feet!

Temperatures are rising and it’s time to pack away your warm boots. Sandals, sneakers, pauls, slip-ons and more:

there’s a huge choice of summer shoes and it’s not at all easy to find the right ones. What summer trend highlights has Paul Green to offer?

It’s all about color – across every shoe type! Many of the shoes by Paul Green feature sweet and playful details such as flowers, piping or jewels.

Always popular are bows in all variations and eye-catching laces that jazz up any shoe. Last but not least, striking metallic leather will bring a shine to women this summer.

Even if it’s raining!




Do you prefer to wear your shoes a little looser, or wear orthopedic inserts? RELAX is the answer RELAXED WIDTH Paul Green women's shoes are comfortable. They offer your feet more space, with the same great fit. They are equipped with a high-quality removable cork footbed. Our RELAXED WIDTH shoes are the perfect choice for women who wear orthopedic inserts – chic shoes with an exchangeable footbed. There aren’t many shoes out there with a removable sole that are also fashionable. That's why Paul Green specifically worked to create shoes with a removable footbed and designs that mirror popular styles. Models in the RELAXED WIDTH series are stylish shoes for orthopedic inserts, and can also be worn by women who don’t have their own inserts. Simply leave the exchangeable footbed in the shoe if you don't need to add your own insert. The natural cork offers good insulation and cushioning properties to make every step in these shoes an experience!




Shoes in the SUPER SOFT collection are – as the name says – simply super soft. The soft sole, specially designed for comfortable women's shoes, combines with flexible materials to ensure great wearing comfort. Our SUPER SOFT models focus on creating comfortable yet elegant shoes for the summer. Anyone who loves summer will love our SUPER SOFT shoes with soft heel. They’re supple, lightweight, and – thanks to the wide variety of colors and shapes available – amazingly simple!


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