Paul Green


All different looks have one thing in common:
a unique fit, outstanding workmanship and the unmistakable Paul Green style.


The days of forcing ourselves into tight-fitting clothes and uncomfortable fabrics are over. Instead, today's fashions reflect a desire for nature, freedom, and comfort: Current collections are dominated by knitwear that cocoons the wearer in an all-over look, voluminous silhouettes and natural colour palettes. These styles combine with high-quality materials to create a look that is effortlessly casual, yet unbelievably sophisticated. 


As a shoe manufacturer, we are focused on robust lugged soles, finishing our styles with super soft leather, and mellow shades like pearl, beige, olive or ivory. We create styles that reflect the current zeitgeist, yet outlast any trend thanks to their natural, streamlined look and high-quality design, keeping our customers happy for years to come!


Overview of new trends:



dominate the shoe and fashion world for the FW21/22 season.

Combining nuances within a certain colour scheme looks absolutely unbelievable, and anything but monotonous. Bright shades like beige, off white and light grey are particularly popular. Our product range also includes styles with colours like brown, black, and a touch of olive that go with anything. Harmonious colour combinations of soles with high-quality uppers make these models the highlight of any wardrobe.



Regardless of their colour, unique, robust soles are a must for FW21/22 shoe trends. Even coarser styles can still look feminine. Angular soles have lots of character, without sacrificing everyday wearing comfort. On the contrary. 



Comfortably in style. Chelsea boots are an absolute must for the fall and winter season. Elastic on both sides guarantees they are easy to put on and take off, and elastic in a contrasting colour also adds a visual highlight. Shaft length varies from ankle height to calf height, depending on the wearer’s taste. Buyers are certainly spoilt for choice.



We just couldn’t live without trainers. As they have for many years – trainers play a key role this year as well. Always stay at the forefront of fashion with our PAULS. They update the trainer look with new sole designs and monochrome colour combinations. High top Pauls or models with a cosy Merino lining are the perfect choice for winter. When it comes to comfort, our Pauls can’t be beat.


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