Paul Green


All different looks have one thing in common:
a unique fit, outstanding workmanship and the unmistakable Paul Green style.


New “Favorite Pauls” from the FW20/21 collection


In uncertain times, we all yearn for stability.


We question our normal actions, and the way we view our everyday lives. We rethink what's most important in life. When it comes to consumer behavior, features like sustainability, regional sourcing and production, and quality are prioritized, and environmental awareness increases.


At Paul Green, we have always worked to make our shoes just a little bit “greener.” We produce our high-quality, long-lasting and highly fashionable collections exclusively in Europe.


Our thinking and actions are focused on the long term. Men and women who wear Paul Green appreciate this focus, and rely on us. Their high expectations of Paul Green are what drive us - especially in the new FW20/21 season. Now, we are going even further.


These are the key themes in our current fall / winter collection:




Sporty models, from sneakers to loafers and ankle boots, need to be versatile, yet simple. They have to be simply beautiful, simple to combine with other pieces, and even simpler to wear. That’s the motto of this new season, and Paul Green is making it a reality.


Lightweight, robust soles and soft materials are combined with warm, rich brown and orange shades that blend beautifully with the look of fall. Many of these models are SUPER SOFT - for a touch more barefoot feel.




Lace-up boots are the perfect companion in any situation. They effortlessly highlight a variety of looks, and look easy and casual to boot. The Paul Green collection includes a variety of shank and heel heights. From sporty/elegant lace-up ankle boots to sturdy boots with an extra-wide sole, we have every style a shoe lover could imagine. Our favorite colors for the collection are brown in all of its various hues, and easy-wearing black.




After a successful launch in the FS2020 season, we are expanding our PAUL GREEN PURE Sneakers collection once again. The collection clearly focuses on the use of sustainable materials. COOL WOOL is an all-new option: Whoever said wool was only for textiles didn’t know what they were talking about! Cool wool looks chic and great on your feet, especially in our PURE sneakers models with Merino wool. For cozy and comfortable feet on cold days.


RELAXED WIDTH – Freedom for your feet!


Designed for any woman who prefers to wear her shoes a little looser, or who uses orthopedic insoles. RELAXED WIDTH Paul Green women's shoes are super comfortable. They offer feet more space, with the same perfect fit. Many of our RELAXED WIDTH models have a removable footbed, making them a great choice for women who wear orthopedic insoles. Not to mention how stylish our RELAXED WIDTH options are!


Even in the coldest months of the year: Paul Green. The shoe of my life. 


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