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Storing your winter shoes correctly

Next winter will surely come!
In order to ensure that you can look forward to putting your boots back on at the start of next winter, it’s important that you store them correctly during the warmer months. We’ll show you how to send your boots on the perfect summer vacation in four easy steps.



To ensure that you have spotlessly clean boots to look forward to this coming winter, you should carefully remove any traces of snow, road salt or dirt using water and a dash of dish soap before storing them away. Allow your shoes enough time afterwards to dry at room temperature. Drying them quickly with a hair dryer or heater is not recommended as the leather can quickly become brittle.



Some shoes require a little more attention than others. When it comes to your nubuck leather and suede boots, you can simply spray the clean shoes with a waterproofing spray and allow them to dry fully before putting them into storage. However, your smooth leather shoes will need to be treated with a suitable shoe cream to prevent the leather from drying out or becoming brittle. 


Retain shape

If you want to prevent creases from developing in the leather, you should also ensure that the shoes retain their shape while being stored. Shoe and boot trees made of wood or plastic are ideal for this. Alternatively, you can also stuff crumpled-up newspaper into the toe of the shoe and for taller boots, simply roll up a magazine for the leg of the boot.



If there is no place in your shoe cabinet in summer for your winter shoes, they are best stored in firm shoe boxes so that they can be neatly stacked. However, be sure to make ventilation slits in the sides of the shoe box beforehand to allow the leather to breathe easily in the box. Keep your winter shoes in a dry, dark place and air out your storage cabinet regularly.

After winter is before summer!

Now that your boots are perfectly prepared for their next outing in winter, it’s time to fill your shoe closet with summer shoes. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our Spring/Summer collection, which has just landed.