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Paul Green x FemVisible

More and more women are founding companies. However, women are involved in only one out of every five start-ups. (Source: German Start-up Monitor 2022). In addition, women who found companies are still much less visible than their male colleagues. While only a little more than half of all-woman teams are mentioned at least once in start-up media, over two thirds of start-ups with all-male teams are mentioned (Female Founder Report 2021). This means there is still much more to do to ensure innovative and successful ideas created by female founders get the attention they deserve. Because of this, Paul Green is a supporting partner to the initiative FemVisible, which helps female founders expand their reach and networks during a 6-month visibility program.

“Especially during the start-up phase, visibility is particularly important for young businesswomen to be able to compete effectively. Because of this, we want to get involved and give innovative ideas a platform.”

Barbara Aichinger
Managing Director of Paul Green, and member of the FemVisible Jury


Amanda Maiwald (left) and Antonia Schein (right) founded the start-up Codary with the goal of teaching programming to kids aged between 7 and 16 in a fun, hands-on way. In a weekly video chat, trained tutors teach children programming languages using the computer game Minecraft, to help them develop a better understanding of the digital world.


ili elua

The Hawaiian name “ili elua” translates roughly as “second skin.” That was the goal of start-up founder Britt Janina Heinker: to develop a sunscreen that feels good on your skin, while also being good for people and the environment. She created the company ili elua after being unable to find the products she needed, with the goal of revolutionizing the sunscreen market by inventing a sustainable sun lotion based on natural ingredients. 


Happie House

Miriam Abu (left) and Stephanie Neumann (right) are the founders of Happie House. They developed the mind-body medical app in collaboration with female physicians and experts to support women impacted by breast cancer both during and after their treatment. “As cancer survivors, we understand the cares, fears, and needs of breast cancer patients all too well!” the founder say.