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The Paul Green Guide for clean rubber soles

Nothing protects the soles of your feet better from rough surfaces, the elements and extreme temperatures than a soft, shock-resistant sole. This is why many of our shoes feature ultra-lightweight rubber soles that guarantee exceptional comfort, even on the rockiest terrain. In order to ensure that the soles of your shoes shine for as long as possible, we have summarized the most important information and care tips:


Why do white rubber soles turn yellow?

There are two main reasons why the soles of your shoes can develop a yellowish tinge. First, the sunlight and oxygen in the air reacts with the plastic in the sole of your shoe, which can cause a slight yellowing to occur over a long period of time. This process is completely natural and usually only occurs after several years of wear.

However, more rapid discoloration can be caused by dirt that is deeply embedded in the material. This is why it is important to regularly remove any coarse dirt from your sneakers using a dry brush, so that it can’t penetrate the rubber sole.


A deep clean for your sneakers

Just like the upper of your sneakers, the soles also need to be cleaned regularly. All you need is a brush and some liquid sneaker cleanser to remove any ingrained dirt from the soles of your shoes. If you don’t have any cleanser, you can simply dilute natural dish soap with a little water. The foam that appears when you clean your shoes can be easily wiped away with a hand towel to prevent any unsightly water stains from forming on the upper.

You should not wash your sneakers in the washing machine. Water, heat and laundry detergent can weaken both the leather and the glued areas of your shoes.



Erasing stubborn marks

If stubborn marks or streaks are visible on the soles of your shoes, even after cleaning, these can often be easily erased. A commercially available eraser is ideal for this. Alternatively, you can also use a special dirt eraser from the drugstore to remove stains from the soles of your shoes.


Be careful of home remedies

We would advise against “insider tips” such as baking powder, bleach and toothpaste. These home remedies can result in unsightly discoloration of the leather and the sole of your shoe, and can also weaken the material and make it brittle. Therefore, we recommend only using shoe cleaning products that have been developed and tested for this purpose.