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Athleisure - Shoes For Sporty Girls!

Sneakers for cool looks!

A look suitable for leisure, fitness and office? What was unthinkable just a few years ago is now part of everyday life. We're talking about "Athleisure". The style of fashion with sport motifs, which is stylish but also wonderfully comfortable, dominating the fashion world and bringing a new dimension to it: Functional materials combined with classic elements, sporty cuts mixed with romantic embroidery. Wherever you look, whether business or street style: casual is flavour of the month.


Whether sweat pants or track pants: the right combination is required!

The strict dress codes of the past are losing relevance. So it may well be heels or masculine laced boots with sweatpants. There are now only a few occasions when sneakers cannot be worn. Current combinations with dress and skirt are trendy and absolute style favourites. Elegantly combined, the athletic look is absolutely business-compatible and is ideally suited for the casual leisure look.


Even if some would like more elegance: it is impossible to imagine everyday life without Athleisure.

The sporty look has come right into our lives.

Sneakers in particular are trendy shoes, expressing not only a fashion style, but also an attitude to life.

Paulina loves Athleisure
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Paulina loves Athleisure Paulina

The Athleisure trend is still up to date. Trendy sneakers styles combined with sporty trousers are absolutely for your everyday use. The business style works with noble trousers and blouses.