We are Paul Green

At Paul Green our brand stands for hand crafted artisan quality women’s shoes. We were founded in Munich in 1988 and today are at home in Mattsee near Salzburg, Austria.

What we do

We are committed to preserving the skills of fine shoe making.

Our passion for our craft is expressed in creating shoes of the highest quality, style and fit that have a unique and uplifting feeling of support that we call the
“Paul Green Effect”.



What we stand for

We purposely build our shoes to fit the needs of modern women. 
A fashion to function approach to shoe making that fits today’s busy lifestyles.

We purchase only the finest natural materials and components for our artisans to make each shoe a working wearable piece of art.



What matters to us

Our commitment to excellence demands our focus on customer satisfaction. Our promise is one of fit and design integration that adds value to our customer’s lives and exceeds her expectations.

Our customers find us in specialized retail outlets and in our own retail stores, places where service and fit are on par with the quality of our product and customer’s expectations. We make “Shoes for Life”.